Alloys useful in various fieldsFrom alloys that do not have to be, to alloys that are indispensable.

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From 4G to 5G, from engines to motors, our society is making rapid progress, and major innovations have also occurred in the world of metals and alloys, which can be said to be the cornerstone of this. This is the birth of MTA alloy, a new alloy of "iron" and "copper", which are our familiar metals.

It has been considered impossible to alloy "iron" and "copper" due to differences in melting point and molecular structure, but a prototype was completed in 2016 by our original casting method, and research was conducted from there. Successful commercialization in 2019, the foundry was completed in the fall of 2020, and mass production started in 2021. Iron is harder than copper, and copper conducts heat and electricity more than iron. In the EV / 5G era, demand for "copper" and "copper alloy" that conduct electricity and release heat is increasing in automobiles, smartphones, and personal computers.

However, the weaknesses of copper are strength and wear resistance, and the weakness of copper alloys with increased strength and wear resistance is high price. The development of MTA alloys started from there to make up for the weaknesses of these copper alloys. The MTA alloy, which is the first alloy of iron and copper, which are very familiar metals to humankind, will strive to be useful to everyone with the aim of becoming a copper alloy that can be easily used as a 21st century next-generation alloy.

Our melting technology enables alloys of various metals. First, as a development alloy, we have prepared a plate of "MTA9100", which is an alloy of 90% iron and 10% copper, and a metal powder (powder). The plate is a substitute for beryllium copper, and metal 3D printers that use metal powder have characteristics that other powders do not have in terms of thinness and strength. We have received inquiries.

In the future, we plan to sequentially research and develop hybrid copper alloys with an adjusted ratio of iron and copper, as well as semi-processed products such as wires, plates, and thin films. Only Japan can lead the world with "manufacturing". I hope that MTA alloy will be of great help to the research and development of wonderful Japanese manufacturers, and that it will help the revival of "manufacturing", which is a Japanese specialty. Thank you for visiting MTA Alloy Co., Ltd.

MTA Alloy Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Tetsuro Shibata

We received a comment from Mr. Yasushi Ogura who is the former Vice President and Representative Director of JFE Steel and he graduated from the Department of Metal Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

During my active career, I have been working with companies and Kawasaki City Hall for the development of the Keihin coastal area. After graduating from the company and participating in Mirai Juku, a group of young management companies in Kawasaki City, I have met many management companies and are supporting them.

Among them, I think the technology of this company is wonderful. From the standpoint of a graduate of the Department of Metal Engineering, according to the equilibrium phase diagram, the maximum solid solution limit of Fe for Cu is about 5% of his, and even if he tries to alloy with the usual dissolution and solidification method, the limit is about 5%.

However, this alloy contains 10% Cu in Fe, which gives the performance of a high-grade beryllium copper alloy. Furthermore, since it can be made into fine powder, it can be expected to utilize 3D printers that use metal powder. As a next-generation metal, we have great expectations for its future success.

Yasutsugu Ogura
Former Vice President and Representative Director of JFE Steel
Former President and CEO of JFE Steel Sheet

Management guidelines

We will contribute to the "manufacturing" industry by providing safe and high-quality alloys that can be easily used.

Basic principle

Aiming to be a Multi Tool Alloy that is required for all manufacturing in the world.

Have an altruistic spirit and deliver surprise and excitement to customers.

Challenge from "alloys that were not needed" to "alloys that are indispensable".


Corporate information

Trade name MTA Alloy Co., Ltd.
English name MTA Alloy Co., Ltd.
Address Parale Red Building 401-B, 8 Higashida-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Zip cord 210-0005
Contact TEL: (044) 223-1071 / FAX: (044) 223-1081
Capital 76 million yen
Business contents 1. Import / export of all metals and alloys and domestic and overseas sales.
2. Manufacture, processing and sales of all metals and alloys.
3. Research and development related to metals and alloys in general.
Board member Takashi Sato, Chairman and Representative Director
President and CEO Tetsuro Shibata
Executive Vice President S.B. HONG

Corporate history

July 2016 Completed the first prototype of a new iron + copper alloy
November 2016 Established GK MTA-TOKYO
Performance evaluation and data collection of prototype alloys in Japan
November 2018 Obtained substance patent (Korea, China, USA)
December 2018 International patent application in Japan
February 2019 Raised funds from Kodate Project Co., Ltd.
Reorganization to MTA Alloy Co., Ltd.
May 2019 MTA9100 sample sales start at High Performance Metal Exhibition (Osaka)
December 2019 MTA9100 sample sales start at High Performance Metal Exhibition (Tokyo)
August 2020 Metal 3D printer powder MTA9100 Metal powder sales start
October 2020 Publication of powder performance research paper at "Journal of Material Research & Technology"
August 2020 Completion of foundry manufacturing plant (KOREA)